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Electronic Document Management System

Improve work efficiency, save time, and secure confidential documents!



The FileHold file management system can uniformly control the life cycle of all files in the enterprise, from the process of adding, editing, reviewing and publishing a file to the final preservation or destruction. Through the friendly functions provided by the FileHold file management system, master Up-to-date information and efficient use of documents

The FileHold file management system uses an integrated document workflow to uniformly control the life cycle of all files in the enterprise, from the process of adding, editing, reviewing and publishing a file to the final preservation or destruction . It can grasp the latest information, and effectively manage and use documents.

FileHold document management system, a solution for improving work efficiency by automating electronic document review, approval and electronic signature,  Keep your documents organized, secure, version-controlled, and searchable. It can store almost any type of file and works directly with the Microsoft Office suite of products.

The "smart" scanning solution that comes with FileHold can turn cabinets and cartons into electronic information that can be searched in seconds . Practice its life philosophy of "paperless office " .


FileHold provides server hosting, software applications, and any support needed to make the installation successful, and documents can be retrieved from the cloud with a few simple keystrokes.


Provides a secure connection, so any data uploaded or downloaded is encrypted, and all data stored in its cloud instance is encrypted.


Allow employees to connect and manage the documents they need anytime, anywhere from their iOS and Android smartphones.


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Version Control

  • Ensures a company knows where their documents are and what version is being worked on

Convert from PDF files to text
  • Paper documents can be converted into electronic documents through scanner

Tagging or Metadata Capture

  • The capture of Metadata (tagging) can be created in the intelligent database mining when information is needed  

  • Document search results become consist and relevant for saving time and generating useful business knowledge

  • Document management software must have a powerful and automated way to capture metadata

Multiple management interfaces

  • Documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world where internet connected

Document Linking

  • Link related documents together from different folders

  • Allowing users to quickly search of all documents linked to the master file with minimal clicks

User rights and Security

  • Supports total of 11 different user roles Gives different users and groups the right to control access to and modification

Develop document processing workflows 

  • Ensures team members stay on top of tasks and work efficiently


Aduit Logging and Tracking

  • Tracking all document usage and history



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